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843 W Lancaster Blvd.

(Inside of Starbucks)

MAY 18th at 10am


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The Professional African American Youth Association is dedicated to eliminating the stereotypes placed upon African Americans and breaking the cycles that invade our communities. We provide positive mentorship and out of the box tools that challenge each individual to break mental boundaries when it comes to their present, past, and future. We provide resources to encourage entrepreneurship, community engagement, healthy lifestyle habits, and college readiness.

We teach fluency in the following subjects

-Foreign Language



-Politics & Law

-Black History

-Christian Bible understanding


-Financial Management


-Information Technology (I.T.)

We teach on these topics to impart all around knowledge & wisdom that will inspire future leaders to make a positive impact in the world and achieve leadership positions in the highest paying fields such as medical, law, government, engineering, etc.

Our goal is to help raise future Barack & Michelle Obama’s, Ermias Asghedom’s, Rosa Park’s, & Martin Luther King’s. Our goal is to help black children succeed in a system that was never designed for their success. Join us as we commit to changing one child at a time.


*After school tutoring

*Etiquette training in behavior & speech

*Social Change Platform development

*Skill development classes

*Mentorship training

*Career Development

*Scholarship Opportunities

Boys & Girls Ages 7 to 18

We are Always Seeking Volunteers


All members are required to dress for success at each meeting:

Boys must wear a button up dress shirt, tie, dress pants & dress shoes

Girls must wear a button up blazer with solid undershirt or button up dress top, dress pants or dress skirt, and closed toe heels or closed toe flats

Please let us know if your child needs dress clothes or shoes from our donation department

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