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Amber Wynn is a "Philanthrepreneur" who is on a mission to help non-profits thrive and impact their communities in a greater way. She has over 27 years of non-profit experience and has worked in multiple positions from taking out the trash to giving out 7 million dollars in grants. She currently owns a boutique non-profit consulting firm where she educates non-profit business owners on the proper way to start and maintain a successful business. "There are so many lies about nonprofits: how to start them, their purpose, and how to fund them. I want to provide founders with accurate information about what it takes to start and run a nonprofit, how much it costs to keep it operational, and what their options are if they are not prepared to put in the work it takes to run a nonprofit."

Throughout the years, Amber has worked in many different sectors including academia, government, non-profit, and corporate. She has also obtained the education to back up her knowledge by obtaining her undergraduate degree in English from Loyola Marymount University and her Master’s of Science degree in Public Administration from California State University, Los Angeles. She can definitely be crowned as a master in her field, but her road to success was not easy.

Amber grew up the youngest of 8 children in the city of Watts and was raised by a very strong mother. "I definitely was not born with the luxuries of life. But I worked hard, defined ME and created a path that I am happy to say when I look back on, I have no regrets." She was the first generation college graduate in both undergrad and graduate school and has been taking charge of her life every since.

Since college, she worked many years in the corporate arena where she faced many obstacles with fitting in as a woman with big dreams. "I left the 9 to 5 because I kept bumping heads with leadership. My mentor always told me I wasn't meant to be an employee because my vision was always the biggest in the room, and that never quite went over well. Despite my attempt at dimming my light to fit in, and "not cause any waves" invariably I would pitch an idea that was out of my scope, or I'd attempt an approach that was too risky. The funny thing was, I never thought so. I always felt as a team we could accomplish whatever we set our minds to. After awhile I just got tired of being beat up, beat down, and punished for thinking outside the box for better solutions. So I bounced."

For the past three years, Amber has been leveraging her experience in an attempt to make a positive impact in the world. Her desire is to provide non-profits with the information they need to keep their doors open, which has been one of the most difficult challenges non-profit's have been faced with. "With nearly 40% of start up nonprofits closing within 2 years of incorporating, there is a need to help nonprofits make an impact for the long haul. My company focuses on funding because with money, organizations have choices and can be agile and responsive to their community's needs."

Amber is a go-getter who is not taking no for an answer. She has been able to rise above every challenge that she has been faced with and wants to lead non-profit's to success. If you are interested in starting a non-profit or if you need support with one that is already established, check out her free online courses, A Free Roadmap: How to Start Your Nonprofit in 90 Days or Less calendar and a free Nonprofit Masterclass: How to Start Your Nonprofit in 90 Days or Less.

A word from Amber: "Don't listen to other people. Other people have not been given your dream. They don't have your talent, your skills, or your assignment for the mark you were brought here to leave on this world. Define yourself. Believe in yourself. And never, ever, give up."


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