The #1 Habit Every Successful Business Woman Has in Common

What would you say if I told you there was one habit that links pretty much every successful business leader and entrepreneur around the world? Not only that, but what if that habit was an integral part of their success? That might sound crazy- after all, every job is different, and therefore they must need different skills to succeed. While that’s certainly true, there is one thing all successful people have in common that gives them the necessary boost to rise above the rest, and it all comes down to one simple task: exercise.

There are so many benefits to exercise, many of which are extremely useful in the workplace. For one, a healthier body means you’ll have more energy throughout the day which will allow for you to power through your workload and avoid that mid-afternoon slump. If you’re constantly firing on all cylinders, then it stands to reason that you will be able to pack more into your days. If you keep that level of commitment up over a long period of time, then you are more likely to make more money than you would otherwise.

Exercise also helps with eliminating and balancing the stress associated with hard work, and although motivating yourself to exercise is not the easiest thing to do when you have tons of other business related responsibilities, it's the best way to move forward with your day. Numerous studies have shown that exercise can lower stress levels and boost your mood by releasing endorphin's into the brain, which allows you to maintain a high level of energy for a much longer period of time than your body normally would. That boost can really help in the office, especially if your job involves working with others, because that within itself can causes a higher amount of stress.

It’s not just about making sure you work out regularly, though. In fact, a study by Leeds Metropolitan University found that the thought of exercise during work hours produces even greater results. They examined 200 participants and found that those who exercised that day were more productive and much better at managing their time efficiently than those who hadn’t. They reported feeling much more satisfied with the results of their day when they went home due to the thoughts associated with an accomplished workout. Job satisfaction is an undervalued yet integral part of success, and these results go to show that exercise can really boost that sense of achievement- which will ultimately push you on to even greater heights.

So, if exercise can bring all these benefits, then why don’t more business women work out regularly? Ask anyone, and they’ll probably tell you that they’re just too busy or too tired, but like most things in life, it’s all about the mindset and commitment. As we’ve seen, it could be the difference between treading water in your career and reaching your full potential. So why not view exercise as an integral part of your work life? With such awesome achievements and benefits just around the corner, all it takes is a little push to get yourself started. If you make exercise into a habit, then it becomes so much easier to keep it as part of your daily routine, and before long it will become second nature. If you’re serious about being successful, then it’s time to follow the example that so many other leaders have set before you- get your butt down to the nearest gym, and give your body and mind the workout they need to reach the very top!

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