Grow Your Business Network in 4 Days

It may seem like an old cliche' but who you know is just as important as what you know when it comes to business. If you would like to grow your company and keep reaching new heights, you need to build a strong business network. Having a powerful network allows you to do things a lot easier than you would be able to by yourself. It allows you to accomplish projects more quickly, spread the word about upcoming endeavors more effectivly, and just help your company grow expeditiously overall . However, 21st-century tech has completely changed the way we network. Instead of just throwing your name out there with marketing materials, networking now a days is all about making genuine relationships with others.

Of course, proper networking takes time, but there are several quick steps you can take to kickstart the process. Follow the tips below, and you should see your network begin to grow significantly in just a few days while also witnessing how a great network can constantly deliver excellent results. 1. Get Active on LinkedIn

If you haven’t already, then definitely set up a LinkedIn account for your business. LinkedIn is by far the largest business networking sites out there that allows excellent opportunities for you to learn from the best in your industry. Set up your profile, include some information about your business, and then start searching for contacts old and new. Be sure to connect with your existing contacts to start building up your LinkedIn network, and then look at all the recommendations that the site throws your way. LinkedIn is also a great place to share articles which will help attract more people to your profile. 2. Connect with people you know

Use your past as a roadmap to the future. Even if you are just starting out with your business, you already have people in your circle worth connecting with. If you’ve already been in business for quite some time then your network should be significantly larger. Either way, you can make use of these contacts to plan out the growth of your future network. Make a list of all your contacts and write down how you met them. Was it through a referral from someone else? At a business event? What worked before can work again, so why not use the same methods to further build your network? The sooner you take action, the faster your network will grow- and the more opportunities you will have to keep the ball rolling! 3. Set Up A Blog

As a business owner, a blog is a great way to set yourself up as an industry leader. By writing posts that give valuable insight into your business sector, you’ll be showing visitors that you know what you’re talking about which will boost trust and credibility. By including a comments section, inviting people to share their thoughts, and making things as interactive as possible, you can begin building a community right around your blog. 4. Ask for Referrals

In all likelihood, the customers who already enjoy your services know someone else who might also be interested. If you work with other businesses, then they will likely know other business owners in need, but even regular customers can still provide valuable referrals. If your product or service is good then word of mouth travels fast, but usually in order to get those referrals you have to ask for them. Do not be afraid to ask, because the sayng is often true, "A closed mouth doesn't get fed." It only takes a few seconds to ask a customer if they know of anyone else who might buy from you, and the very worse they can say is no. On the other hand, there’s every chance that they will be able to refer at least one other person to you. Your customer base is an often-neglected part of your business network, but don’t forget to utilize them. You could see your sales figures skyrocket once you do.


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