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Jolynne Lewis is a very inspiring business owner and is the most humble person you will ever come in contact with. She is the owner and president of Scents & Inspiration located in Lancaster, California, where she sells products such as custom apparel, natural body oils, fragrances, art, and so much more.​​

Although the journey has not been the easiest to come by, she has managed to maintain a positive outlook and expresses faith, hope, and integrity throughout her life and her business as a whole. This is actually what sets her company apart from all the rest. The company's foundation is built on the word of God and integrity which is vital for her existence. She incorporates this into her business by labeling each product with scripture and making sure her customers are treated well and receiving top quality products.

According to Jolynne, being a business owner is extremely rewarding, but it also has it's social and economical disadvantage's. "One of the most difficult things to deal with during this journey has been the inability to cultivate relationships due to being so busy and so focused that I don't really have the time to do so. Another thing has been, since I strive to run my business based on integrity, I decide to make sure things were done the right way such as hiring new employees. Dealing with payroll, sales tax, and other associated fees that came with that created some difficulty for me, because in the beginning I was very neglectful of getting those things taken care of and made a lot of mistakes in that area."

The fact that Scents & Inspiration even exists, according to Jolynne, is because of God. "Everything was God lead. I met someone, liked what they were selling, and was given the opportunity to buy from them. From that point, I began to do my own research and learn how to make certain products myself. Everything has been by divine appointment."

Jolynne Lewis has come a long way with Scents & Inspiration, from selling oils outside of an apartment complex, to years within a swap meet, to now having a stand alone location in Lancaster California and her products sold in multiple locations, including online. "My main goal is to be able to operate my business in such a manner that signifies my biblical principles and becomes successful to the point of where other people will make the decision to do the same."

This phenomenal woman is a great example of what it means to believe and go after your goals. She encourage's professional women to, "Stay humble, put God first, and stay in your word because that is your instruction manual. God is your business partner so pray and He will show you things that you would never even think of. Just trust Him through the process."

Jolynne Lewis is a dedicated member of Professional Women's Networking Association, and has a desire to care for individual's in a way that reaches their home, body, and soul. One of our slogan's is "Making the world smell good," which is definitely what she does. You can smell her scents as you approach her building, and when you leave, the beautiful aroma from her store not only sticks to your body but also sticks to your mind, leaving you wanting more.

Check out her store and see for yourself. Her products are sure to inspire you and have you leaving as a satisfied customer.

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