5 Free Marketing Tool's Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

Being an entrepreneur could be one of the most expensive things you could ever decide to do in your life, besides having kids of course. From spending unending amounts of money to spending unending amounts of time, owning a business is definitely something business owners should not take lightly.

One thing that technology has provided though, is the ability for individuals to create apps and sites that make life a whole lot easier for entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to marketing which is one of the most crucial factors to any business' success. Effective marketing is the ultimate thing that sets growing businesses apart from stagnant ones, and fortunately, there are so many digital marketing tools that we are able to access right at our fingertips, for free.

Below is a list of the top five free online marketing tools every entrepreneur should know about in order to help grow their business while saving time and money.

1. Zoho Mail

Why spend money on custom email when you can get it for free with Zoho? One of the amazing things I love about this site is the ability to create multiple email accounts and groups. You can create emails for yourself as well as your entire team of employees that all connect to your websites domain name. It's amazing! The set up is fairly easy and the accounts remain free for up to about 20 emails. It features an online office, email and CRM integration, group management, a control panel, an organized inbox, and so much more.

This is great for marketing because it allows you to separate your personal email from your business and gain that professional appearance every entrepreneur aims to have. Every entrepreneur should definitely be taking advantage of this free tool.

2. Shopify

Branding is crucial when it comes to marketing, because it gives your company a personality that allows your brand to stand out among the crowd, and when done right, makes your company or product memorable. This is why it is important to have a logo, and not just any old logo either, but one that causes people to take a double glance when they are walking by. That is why it is a must for every entrepreneur to check out Shopify's free logo making tool. It is simple, fast, and has a wide variety of images to choose from.

Now, the site makes creating a logo very simple so the images provided are pretty basic, but it's up to you to get creative and make the most out of it. Below is an example of a sample logo I made within 3 minutes on this site. If you need a logo, don't spend a bunch of money hiring someone to do it for you. Try this website for free.

3. Buffer and Hootsuite

Buffer and Hootsuite are two completely different companies, but they both provide free services that allow you to manage your social media marketing effectively.

Buffer is a site that allows you to save time managing your social media. It allow's you to engage your audience, increase follower's, and build your brand, all by allowing you to connect multiple accounts to one convenient dashboard. This site gives you the ability to schedule posts, create campaigns, and even review how successful your posts are doing. It's an amazing site for a new business looking to grow their social presence and stay on top of their social media content.

Hootsuite on the other hand, goes a little bit deeper into each social media platform by giving you all Buffer has to offer, but also allowing you to sync up to three social media profiles and post across each one of them from one easy to use dashboard.

4. Mailchimp

Believe it or not, email marketing is one of the most important and most intimate forms of marketing, simply because it doesn't limit you to the boundaries that come associated with other forms of online marketing. Mailchimp provides your business with email marketing tools that target customer's based on previous sales, behavior, and preference. It also allows you to create email campaigns and provides easy to follow templates for you to choose from, and schedule for future use. This site does all the dirty work for you, all you have to do is provide the information.

5. Survey Monkey

This is a great site that will ultimately come in handy when you decide to put together an email campaign, because it provided you not only with customer feedback, but is also a good way to collect customer information and reveal consumer trends. It is a very straight to the point website that takes no time to set up, but the results provide endless opportunity for your marketing campaign.

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