Successful Monday's: Success Tip's For Entrepreneur's

Success Tip:

Surround yourself with positive successful people!

It is true that you are a reflection of the company you keep. Those who you tend to network and associate with regularly often define your level of success by expressing your interest, ambitions, motives, and mindset to those around you.

As an entrepreneur, you must choose your circle wisely because your associations can either be an asset to your success or a hindrance. Just take a look at the circles around you; drug addicts spend a majority of their time around other drug addicts, celebrities spend a majority of their time hanging around other celebrities, and gangster's spend a majority of their time around people with the same mindset. It's the same when it come's to business minded individuals.

If you want to reach greater levels of success within your business, you need to check your association's.

Ask yourself: Am I surrounded by people who are going in the same direction as I am? Do I have people in my circle who are a source of motivation to me because of their own level of success?

If your answer is yes to both of these questions, then you most likely have a healthy circle of association. Use this circle as support, encouragement, and fuel to your hustle.

Daunyae Goodman

Author of The Noble Woman

CEO of

Professional Women's Networking Association

and D. Harris Fitness and Ministry

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