Time is of the Essence

Time is of the Essence

When you own your own business it can tend to consume every bit of your time. Most small business owners end up cutting into their meal time, sleep time, family time, self time, and most importantly God time. One thing a small business owner must develop is time management skills when it comes to balancing their business with their personal life. You must come to the realization of just how important it is to not allow work, as demanding as it can be, to take away from your life.

When we allow our business to take time away from other areas in our lives, we can destroy our relationships, our health, and miss out on many blessings that God cannot provide because of His secondary position in our life. When we make our business priority, we take our main focus off of everything else that matters the most to us and place it into something that can potentially crumble. We cannot take back the time spent away from our children, we cannot take back the wear and tear on our bodies caused by years of sleep deprivation and terrible eating, we cannot take back anything that continues with time, because we cannot control time. Therefore, we must examine ourselves and decide if taking time away from what we care about the most is a sacrifice that we are willing to take. Which it should not be.

No one knows if they are going to live to see tomorrow, so you should not invest everyday and every minute of your life into something that quite frankly will not miss you when you are gone. Yes, we need to provide for our families and we need to push in order to grow our businesses, but in the midst of that you also have to live. You have to make sure you nurture things outside of your business or else at the end of the day your business will be the only thing to survive. Your relationship with your children will suffer, your marriage will suffer, your health will suffer, your relationship with God will suffer, your happiness will suffer. That is not a sacrifice I am willing to make.

I definitely want to make more money and grow my business to the greatest capacity that it could possibly go, but not at the expense of my life and my happiness. Money can only buy you so much, and the whole goal of working so hard within our businesses is to make more money. There has to be balance. We must begin to prioritize and treat our businesses like we would a normal job. Choose specific work days and times so that when you're off, you're off and you can begin to allocate your time and effort to other important areas that need nourishment.

We cannot continue to allow ourselves to take away from other important areas of our lives just to provide nourishment to one. If we do, everything else around us will suffer like a plant without water.

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