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“Shavonda McCaleb was born with a purpose and passion for story-telling. Her writing transcends and encourages our community. She is “just a pencil in God’s hand and He is doing the writing.” Through her multiple businesses, Shavonda McCaleb is a Woman CEO specializing in meeting the needs of companies and communities with elegance and excellence. Shavonda walks on purpose, talks on purpose, and breathes on purpose. Her spiritual journey impacts infect and empower.”

Shavonda served as one of the Board of Directors of Georgia Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (formerly GACHI). She also served on the Vocational Rehabilitation E-3 Advisory Panel; and in 2016, Shavonda was selected to be part of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). She was considered for membership because of her outstanding leadership and commitment to Positively Impacting Communities Foundation. Shavonda has served on the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (AASD) Local School Council Board for four years. She has also been an active parent with the Parent Involvement Program for several years and within the Athletic Department of the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf for seven years. Shavonda also has served as Recording Secretary for the Dekalb Local Interagency Coordinating Councils (LICC). She is also an Independent Paparazzi Consultant ( and she is changing lives $5 at a time!

Shavonda's dreams, aspirations, and goals are to "positively impact" the lives of people and communities that she encounters, starting with one person at a time. Her passion for the deaf and hard of hearing community reaches beyond herself. Shavonda collaborates with a variety of companies, non-profit organizations and other entities that are willing to help her achieve her "Positively Impacting" goals.

Shavonda is the proud mother of two adult children, Jonathan and Camry. Her daughter Camry is deaf. Shavonda understood from personal experience with the needs of her daughter that more needed to be done in the deaf and hard of hearing communities. That is how and why the PIC (Positively Impacting Communities) Foundation was birth.

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