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Shie's Beauty created in 2014 under name of Shie By Shakiara, few years later I decided upgrade my business name to Shie's Beauty. Shie's Beauty, a vegan cosmetic line, carries Gel Polish, Eyeshadow Palettes and Mink Lashes (not vegan).

I enjoy owning a cosmetic line as it has allowed me to become a better woman. Opening a business was a bit daunting, as I had no idea on how to run a business, but I knew I was tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and I wanted to live life without the worries of finances. I was motivated to share my creativity with the world, and I started making handmade lipsticks under the business name Shie By Shakiara . I ended up spending more money and time instead investing in a future for Shie's Beauty. Though times were hard for me, I still believed in myself and moved to Los Angeles, California in 2018 to follow my dream and become a success with my cosmetic line and be a make-up artist. As business is going well, I am still learning how become a successful business owner plus, "There's always room for improvement," statement that has been true and powerful for me. The one piece of advice I would share is Believe in Yourself and Never Give up on Your Dream! As women, we have many job titles: mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and list goes one. At times we found ourselves caring for everyone and not ourselves. It easy to neglect ourselves. Do not get me wrong I have done it too but during the last few years I have found that it's okay to put ourselves first.

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