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Art is a universal Language where no words are needed, where you can not only escape from the everyday grind of our busy lives, but the mind can venture into a completely different place. I struggle to find words that express my deepest passions, but with art, I can let go of my mind and focus on just being creative.

When I am painting, I am not a mother, or a wife, or a businesswoman, nor public speaker. I am just myself, at my humblest. Seeing a painting form on the canvas is like watching a special part of myself comes alive.

When I am in that creative zone, my world becomes colorful and happy. I feel free in my thoughts.

Having mental health issues, attaining a high level of mental wellness is extremely important. Art gives me this.


"When asked to give a word of advice I thought about all the things I have learned in life, from the many times I had asked for advice, to the times I've had to go it alone. Your thoughts become your reality! please Never let go of your dreams, and dream big, support others, embrace optimism, and color your life one canvas at a time."

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