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Daunyae Monique Harris was born in Harbor City, California on March 25, 1987. She is the oldest of seven children and was born to LaTresa Harris and Kevin Gillespie. She has spent most of her life in the Antelope Valley desert area, which is where she found her passion for track and field at the early age of 12 while attending Challenger Middle School in Lake Los Angeles, Ca. Later she moved to Lancaster, California where she attended Antelope Valley High School and graduated with her High School Diploma. Before graduating, she was scouted out by former track and field Coach, Jeffrey Leeds, who coached track and field at a local community college. This is where Daunyae decided to begin her collegiate track career, at Antelope Valley college, where she went on to run undefeated her sophomore year. She broke five school records and took home the Southern California State Champion title after winning her 400 meter championship in San Francisco, California.

Shortly after graduating with her Associates Degree, she moved to San Angelo Texas to attend Angelo State University on a full track scholarship. During her first season, her team placed second in the NCAA National Championship meet, but just a month before the big meet, Daunyae found out that she was pregnant and decided to forfeit her scholarship after the season ended and move back to California where she then attended California State University, Bakersfield to finish up her degree in Psychology.

While facing many obstacles along the way and many transitions, she decided to follow her dreams of being a professional track and field athlete, but after experiencing knee injuries and having a second child, she gave up on her dream of being a great athlete and focused her time and attention on being a great mother.

While facing many obstacles along the way and many transitions, she decided to follow her heart and start her own fitness company, Swagg Fitness. She worked as a mobile personal trainer and group fitness instructor for women, charging only seventy five dollars a month per client, which was barely making enough to keep gas in her car to get to her clients, and definitely not enough to provide for her two children. Unable to pay for childcare, she traveled to each client while lugging both her breastfeeding baby and potty training toddler to each appointment. Soon, her car was repossessed, causing her to turn to public transportation in Los Angeles, which entailed a lot of walking, crowded buses, and very early mornings. She trained clients in outdoor parks, campus fields, at their homes, and in gyms that had "Kids Club" available. She went through homelessness, government assistance, living in hotels, and staying with friends. But she didn't wear her struggles on her sleeves. Although she may have been praying through tears at night behind closed doors, she wore the largest smile and provided contagious energy for her clients and her kids. So much so, that people would make comments to her assuming that she "grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth," or that she "walked around with a chip on her shoulder." But if only they knew the day to day struggle that this single mother had to face.

Later, she drafted a plan that would in turn cause her to acknowledge her value and pursue success on a completely different level. She first began by changing her mindset about what she was worth and began charging based on the skills, services, and results that she was able to provide. This is when she began to land clients who were willing and able to pay as much as $8,000 for fitness training. Needless to say, she figured out a way to turn her entire financial struggle around.

Swagg Fitness is now Liberate Gym LLC, and Daunyae is a multi business owner, published author, teacher, and mother of five. With Liberate Gym LLC, she works as a Master Trainer and self proclaimed Hustle & Growth Coach who assists women with getting into the best shape of their lives physically, financially, and spiritually. She is also the founder and owner of Professional Women's Networking Association LLC, a company she created to bring business women together to encourage, uplift, and push each other to the next level in business. Within this company, she has created programs such as the African American Youth Society, which was created to encourage African American youth to use their gifts and talents in positive ways that can cause change within their communities. Another program is Eternal Promise which is geared towards providing food and clothes to the homeless, helping people find careers, providing resources and accessories for new parents, etc.

Outside of business, Daunyae is a very gifted teacher and writer. This is something that she prides herself on greatly when it comes to raising her 5 children. She enjoys having the ability to teach in a way that provides quick, clear, and long lasting understanding. This is what encouraged her to begin her third business, Melanin Success, where she focuses on teaching young adults the in's and out's of starting a business from scratch. She is also the author of a ten week bible study, The Noble Woman, which is designed to remind women of their immeasurable value. Her second book, Sugar No Spice, was published in 2017 for young girls to encourage self love and the word of God.

Daunyae is a goal-getter and goal-encourager who believes everyone should live their best life possible doing whatever it is that makes them happy and makes God smile. She teaches the word of God and facilitates workshops and events all over the U.S. teaching, praying, and uplifting. She believes optimism, smiles, and faith are the best tools to have under your belt when it comes to living your best life. "You have the ability to build and tear down boundaries wherever you see fit in your own life. Your life is exactly what you allow it to be, but it takes faith and effort."

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