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CEO of PWNA, Published Author & Personal Trainer




Daunyae Goodman

Founder and C.E.O of Professional Women's Networking Association, Daunyae Goodman is a very charismatic individual who seeks to build, uplift, and empower women of all ages and backgrounds. 

Formerly known as Daunyae Harris prior to marrying her husband Lance Goodman, C.F.O of the company, she released her first published book series titled The Noble Woman, which is a three part bible study based on the Proverbs 31 woman depicted in the bible.

She began PWNA in January of 2017, just months before hosting her first event, Black Queen's Business Mixer/Networking Event in Lancaster California during International Women's Month, which was an ultimate success and helped her realize this was exactly what she wanted to do. "Helping women reach dreams unimaginable is my ultimate goal. Whether it be in business, education, or just life itself, I want to see women succeed. All I want is to see women conquer their dreams everyday without ever giving up, because all dreams are possible."

Daunyae Goodman is also a skilled personal trainer and owns D. Harris Fitness & ministry. She is a mother of 5 children, two boys and three girls and is also the oldest of seven children. She is an amazing person who possesses great leadership skills and seeks to inspire every heart that comes her way.

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