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LaTresa Harris is an extremely motivated real estate agent who is a very significant part of the Century 21 team. She is located in Lancaster California but manages homes all across the state of Califo...

What Makes You So Special

I was speaking to a friend of mine who is doing very well with his small business. He has been featured in magazines and has been able to network with very successful people within his market, and as I began to pick his brain for insight on how...

Why Self Dependency is Blocking Your Success

Women love to take on the "Independent Woman" title because it sums up our strength, our dedication, hard work, and success. Being able to push through hard times and struggles only to end up bigger, better, and stronger is s...

Time is of the Essence

When you own your own business it can tend to consume every bit of your time. Most small business owners end up cutting into their meal time, sleep time, family time, self time, and most importantly God time. One thing a small business owner must...

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VIP Spotlight: Born to Succeed

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