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Daunyae Monique

Meet Daunyae

Daunyae is the prime example of a mompreneur. She has five children, owns three businesses, four non-profits, is an author, and facilitates workshops and events all over the U.S. teaching, praying, and uplifting women in business & faith.

Through all of this, she still manages to volunteer at her children's school, attend open houses, prepare dinner each night, exercise, pray, study, sleep, and tackle everyday tasks without the help of employees, nannies, and often times not even a crew.  She is a goal-getter and goal encourager who believes everyone should live their best life possible doing whatever it is that makes them happy and makes God smile. She teaches the word of God and truly believes optimism, smiles, and faith are the best tools to have under your belt when it comes to living your best life.


Author of The Noble Woman International Bible Study & Boss Life Balance, this mama knows how difficult it could be to balance spirituality, parenting, health, and business. She wants to share her experience with other mompreneurs and help them reach the ultimate level of peace and success within their home, body, mind, and business.


"You have the ability to build and tear down boundaries wherever you see fit in your life. Your life is exactly what you allow it to be."

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